•           “As someone who has been involved in outdoor television for over a quarter of a century, I’ve had the opportunity to work with a lot of cameramen/field producers!  Some were good “shooters”, technically and/or artistically.  Others were fun to share a camp with.  Some had  a unique “vision” when it comes to filming outdoor shows in terms of being able to tell a good story.  Some too were also excellent still photographers.  But there have been very few who were indeed “the complete package”.  One of those very few who is, is Nolan Swinghamer.  As the old time “Longhunters” used to say, “He’ll do to ride the river with!”  Nolan Swinghamer is certainly one of the VERY BEST in his field!” —Larry Weishuhn


  •           “I’ve shot TV segments with Nolan many times over the years, and he’s always done a great job of capturing the moment. From Texas to Finland and back, his excellent technical, hunting and people skills have made him a rock-solid videographer and a pleasant travel companion. I look forward to our next adventure.” —Gordon Whittington, Editor in Chief of North American Whitetail Magazine, InterMedia Outdoors


  •           “I’ve now worked with Nolan Swinghamer on several GUN DOG training DVDs and not only is his camera work outstanding, he’s an excellent director as well. Combining his technical expertise with his own background in the outdoors, he comes up with interesting shot angles and valuable suggestions for the performers’ position and delivery. He’s extremely conscientious in making sure all bases are covered and all outlined material is shot. He’s a pleasure to work with, highly professional in every respect.” –Rick Van Etten, Editor, GUN DOG Magazine


  •           “I worked as a field producer on a show called Dead Meat, I was lucky enough to have Nolan as a camera operator during our shoot. He was able to listen to direction, was on time, and most importantly he never shrugged, or grunted, during long shoot days. Nolan is a very hard worker and his passion for his work is evident. A perfect fit for our crew.”Lauren Karnopp, Editor, InterMedia Outdoors


  •            “Swinghamer Outdoor Productions made it easy to put together a tremendous DVD series! Nolan was great to work with and his knowledge and professionalism were second to none… making our first DVD production experience easy.”–Jeremy Moore, co-owner of Dog Bone


  •           “Nolan is a very motivated videographer that loves the subject matter that he provides. He is very easy to get along with in the field, and has been growing with every season that he’s shot for us. Although Nolan may not have the experience at this point that some videographers may have, you can see that he has an “eye” for video. If he continues down the career arc that I expect he will, he will be a very sought-after videographer in the coming years. I’d definitely recommend Nolan as an outdoor videographer!”Josh Viste, Video Editor/TV Producer, InterMedia Outdoors


  •           “Nolan has worked on many shows for our company as a videographer/field producer. He is a visual story teller and doesn’t let something pass by that can help tell the story. Very up to date with with shooting styles and always adding to his bag of tricks when it comes to equipment. Very motivated, creative, hard working videographer.” —Christian Hoffman, Videographer/Field Producer, InterMedia Outdoors



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