Award Winning Film

An S.O. Productions film has been nominated for Honorable Mention – Official Western Selection in the Sportsman’s Warehouse Outdoor Film Festival Tour. I am very proud and honored to have this film be selected. There are some big names in this festival and to even be recognized is a true honor.

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Switching Gears

As spring comes to an end so does my busy travel schedule. It has been an amazing run over the past few months and I was fortunate enough to go to Africa, New Zealand, and Argentina to produce some amazing episodes. Now it is time to switch gears to my personal favorite, musky fishing. Over the next couple months we will be traveling around the upper midwest in search of the best musky footage and fishing stories ever captured. Here’s a great example of what we are after, a nice fish that Ryan guessed to be in the mid 40’s making a big turn at boat side.  STAY TUNED!Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 11.21.54 AM

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A New Year!

It has been a long season filled with many successes. Thank you to everyone that has been involved along the way this year. My productions would be nowhere without your support. I am pleased to announce that I have joined forces with BWB Hunt Productions for 2015 and will be the Producer in the field for both UNCAGED with Matt Hughes and Trailing the Hunters Moon with Larry Weishuhn. However, that is not all I have up my sleeve for 2015. There will be some big strides taken in the advancement of production quality and I plan to even release a brand new production in the coming months… STAY TUNED!



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UNCAGED With Matt Hughes Season Premier Trailer

After a years worth of hard work planning, traveling, hunting, filming, and editing, UNCAGED is finally ready to hit the air July 5th at 8:00am (CST). I cannot tell you how excited I am to watch Matt’s show be released for the first time. I have high hopes for where this show is going in the upcoming seasons. For now, here is a short teaser to demonstrate what is to come!


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Skip Knowles Hunts Red Deer in Argentina

I recently traveled to the Patagonia for a once in a lifetime opportunity chasing red stag during the roar. It was an unbelievable experience that you will hopefully get to be apart of once this episode of ‘World of Beretta’ airs. This was by far the most exciting hunt I have ever been apart of. Stay tuned for updates as to when the show will air on The Sportsman Channel.



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